Dear Valued Customer,

My name is Patrick and I am an owner of Carolina E-Cigs. I have so much I would like to say to each one of you and hope I get the chance to serve you at the store. I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge our amazing customers. You are the reason we are all here and deserve our appreciation. I am aware of the inventory issues you are experiencing in our stores. My staff and I are grateful you have stuck with us through this. I hope you will continue to give us the pleasure of providing you with amazing service and reliable products.

Carolina E-Cigs is currently working on implementing new policies to fix the inventory issue. One of the biggest changes you will see is the rebrand of Smooth Vapes eLiquid. Smooth Vapes eLiquid will be released under a new name with new flavor names and labels. We have made this change to get product to our shelves faster. You will still be able to get the flavors you love and have less of a wait to do so. Our new brand, Foggy Waters, will be available in 3mg, in addition to the mg levels we currently stock. I hope everyone sticks with us as we start bringing the revamped flavors in. Our most popular flavors will arrive first. This is great news for everyone!

The Smooth Vapes rebrand will be complete before the FDA's new law comes into effect on August 8, 2016. Our manufacturer is AEMSA certified and has begun the process of registering their lab with the FDA. I am assured they will register our flavors before the FDA's product review deadline in 2018. Once the rebranding is complete, we will be offering a preorder program. This option will be available for every Foggy Waters branded bottle you see. Carolina E-Cigs will donate 50 cents from every pre-ordered bottle to vape advocacy. This will go a long way for nonprofit groups fighting for our vape rights. This preorder program is already available for King of the Cloud and Cuttwood.

I ran the Carolina E-Cigs location in Huntersville for its first year of business. Those of you I had the pleasure of serving will know this next bit comes straight from the bottom of my heart. Carolina E-Cigs views its customers as the most important part of our business. We value you more than you can imagine. I am thankful, day in and day out, for how loyal and amazing our customers are. Carolina E-Cigs strives to better serve you with every move we make. I hope to meet and exceed your expectations. Thank you all again for being so amazing.

Those interested in learning more about FDA regulation or advocacy should visit our blog, The Vaping Observer. You can find additional information in the Queen City Vapers 18+ Facebook group.

Thank you,

R. Patrick Twigg